Saturday, March 6, 2010

After the storm

The Olympics have ended and I failed in my attempt to make my granddaughter a pair of socks named Lindsay. I don't expect her to hold it against me.
After all, she only wanted a pair of socks. She had no preferences and certainly holds no judgement. I am planning to make her socks, eventually.
The project was intended to be a challenge, and I like a good challenge. But I often forget I am still a novice knitter and there is still so much to learn. It is a fault of mine, this jumping in with both feet when I am faced with something new. I want to be a veteran. I don't want to learn along the way, I want to know it now. How can I know it now?
Today I want to go yarn shopping. I have a need to visit yarn shops in Cleveland and work my way from the lake back this direction until I'm exhausted. And then I want to come home, dump all my purchases on the bed and stare at them awhile before deciding what my next big project should be.
I like having big projects and little projects both going on at the same time. Big projects take time, and lack of time is probably the biggest challenge of all. Little projects are portable and fit better into my lifestyle. But it's those big projects that bring on a sense of accomplishment and a feeling that I've learned something along the way.
It is important to tackle big things once in a while. I like reading big books, as long as they continue to be worth reading throughout. I hate it when I'm reading a really good book and then all of a sudden, it's finished and there's nothing left. I like writing big stories, accompanied with photos and all the references. I hate when the deadline says it's time to be finished, turn it in, it's over and no more edits are possible. I hate when vacations have ended, when the week is up, the last day of the month has passed and the year turns over to another. I hate endings, period.
But back to the yarn shop excursion. I said I feel a need to go yarn shopping. Yesterday, after all, was payday and it's always fun to go shopping after payday. The problem with that plan is that after the bills are paid, I find that I have a mere 62-cents left over from my meager salary. That's right, 62-cents; two quarters, a dime and two pennies. I can't buy a bag of Sun Chips from the vending machine; they cost 85-cents. I can't buy a loaf of bread, a pair of shoes or a new bra. And I can't go yarn shopping.
It's probably just as well. I have to work today anyway. I have to write a feature story, take photos and do a job that enables me to plan my life around 62-cents. And when it's finished, I'll wonder that if I'd had just a bit more time, maybe I could have done it better.
I like a good challenge.

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